Send professional emailings

with our 100% online and easy-to-use tool!

1. Create professional emails

Your emailings are flexible and easy to use, and they're ready to be used in just a few clicks.
Easy and intuitive

Simply use drag and drop to position your content. No graphic design skill is required.

More than 100 templates

Choose a template from our gallery of more than 100 templates created by web designers.

Image library

Manage, store and revise your images right in our image library.


Before you send your message, 1 click allows you to preview it in more than 40 email clients!

Test Self News

Organizations, independent entrepreneurs, very small businesses/SMEs, major accounts...
Organizations, independent entrepreneurs, very small businesses/SMEs, major accounts:

Self-News is compatible with your economic challenges and professional issues.

Our platform works for all levels and enables you to easily create original, professional Newsletters. TRY IT now!

2. Personalize your message!

Send the right message to the right person and improve your conversion rate.
Personnalisation d'emailing
Landing pages for greater impact on your content.
Create your landing pages right in our interface. You'll improve the user experience and your conversion rate by offering a consistent, personalized scenario to your visitors.

Big data is at your fingertips!
Target your message based on the behavior of your contacts: a click on a product? A birthday? Automatically generate a promotional email!

3. Send your email to
the maximum number of recipients

We optimize the deliverability of your messages in order to avoid spam.
Emailing phone
Manage and develop your contact base right in our online tool:
  • import your contacts (from a file) ;
  • organize by segment (for targeted campaigns) ;
  • manage your opt-outs and NPAI ;
  • create your opt-in forms and centralize the sign-ups that come from your website.
Guarantee optimal deliverability of your campaigns.
Our email mailing platform is monitoired 24/7 and includes all the latest email authentification and certification techniques (reverse DNS, SPF, DKIM, etc.).
As a result, your messages have the best chances of reaching your recipients' inbox (without going through the spam folder).

4. Analyze your campaigns in real time

Track your results in real time and measure the impact of your campaigns!
Detailed statistics

Open rate, click-through rate, reactivity rate, NPAI, opt-out, most clicked-on areas, etc.


Identify the geographic area where your campaign has the most impact.

Reproduction of results

Export results in the form of customized reports.

Dynamic segmentation

Dynamically create your contact groups based on their behavior with regard to your newsletters.


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