Find the answers to all your technical and business questions.

  • by phone au : +33 (0)1 75 66 80 90
  • by email : support@self-news.com
  • on our website
  • via the Services menu from the Self-News dashboard
Visibility plans allow the management of 1000 to 50 000 contacts with no sending limit. These plans are available from €15 + VAT / month.Intensity plans allow up to 500,000 contacts with 2.5 million emails/month limit of sending.
For larger needs, please contact us for a quote.
Get all the benefits from Self-News without commitment (from €19 + VAT for e-mailings and €10 for SMS). You can then use your credits to deliver your newsletters or SMS like you want. Your prepaid credits are not time-limited.
You only need to access the Plan tab in the top menu. Then choose the plan that suits you best (subscription or prepaid credit - Email or SMS).
Follow the guide and pay by credit card, check or bank transfer to benefit from your new plan.
You directly can contact the Customer Service by phone at +33 (0)1 75 66 80 90 or email sales@self-news.com to proceed to payment.
For customers in France, transfers and payments by check are accepted from €1000 excl. tax.
For international customers, only transfers are accepted from €1000 excl. tax.
For payment security, we use «Banque Populaire - System Pay, a credit card payment solution developed by our bank.
With this system, your payment is directly made to the secured server of our bank. Never your credit card number would be transmitted to our company.
The exchange is encrypted and secured by SSL 3 (Secure Socket Layer) on the Internet, protocol which has become a worldwide standard and is supported by major browsers.
Our plans allow you to cancel your subscription at your convenience. This will automatically terminate in the end of the subscription period.
You will find the unsubscribe request in “my account” menu.
Just click on the Plan tab in the Self-News top menu, select your new 1-year plan and so benefit from the 20% discount which applies to every annual subscription.
Of course, Self-News is a multi-canal solution and allows you, through a single tool, to manage and measure the impact of e-mailing and SMS campaigns.
To become a reseller of the solution, do not hesitate to contact us by email: contact@self-news.com or by phone +33 (0) 1 75 66 80 91.
You can, at any time, upgrade your plan to a higher plan. Simply select from the “Plan” tab, the plan that suits you and follow the guide.Your plan will be available immediately after your payment.
Your payment will automatically consider the overpayment corresponding to the rest of your previous subscription.
If you want to downgrade your plan, select the plan that suits you best.
It will be activated automatically in the end of your current subscription period.
But be careful with your number of contacts, it should be reduced accordingly to the chosen formula.
Yes, you simply choose the plan that suits you in the “Plan” tab and follow the guide.
Yes, absolutely. No computer installation is required, only an internet browser is needed to benefit from all the functionality of our solution.
Self-News is accessible on your computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world.
Yes, absolutely. The application can be used from any computer and does not require any installation.
It is also possible (on request) to restrict access to one (or more) IP address(es) for more security of your account.
Shown prices are without VAT.
The applicable VAT is the French VAT rate (20%).
VAT will not apply to the sale price if the customer :
  • is resident outside the European Union.
  • Resides in the European Union (except France) and has Intra-community VAT number.
As part of an unsubscription, you automatically return to the Free offer.
Your e-mail campaigns and associated statistics are kept.
However, your contacts will be deleted and will have to be re-imported at an upcoming purchase.
You have all the tools to guide you through the use of Self-News
  • FAQ
  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Live Chat

All of these items are available in our "Help" and "Customer Service" menu.
Additionally, you can contact us by email support@self-news.com or by phone +33 (0) 1 75 66 80 90.
Our team is at your service to answer all your technical or commercial requests.

To take advantage of your message’s preview in the most popular email clients, you need to purchase deliverability credits.
Each account offers one free credit to test this feature.
Intensity plans offer 10 credits per month.
You can purchase additional credits in several ways :
  • From the "My Account" menu,
  • Directly in your campaign’s deliverability section.
Each test run will consume 1 credit.
Self-News guarantees the confidentiality of data stored on its platform. Under no circumstances, your recipients will be used to perform business prospecting.
The Free plan is limited to 500 contacts and 2500 emails/month.
The Visibility plans start from 1000 contacts with no sending limit.
With the Free plan, you willl automatically have a signature with the Self-News logo.
To not have this signature, you simply have to subscribe to a pay offer (plan or prepaid), available from €15 + VAT/month.
Self-News requires no computer installation, you only need an Internet browser.
We guarantee compatibility of Self-News with all recent browsers (Internet Explorer 8 and higher, Chrome, Safari, Firefox ...).
For an optimal experience, we recommend the use of Chrome or Firefox.
One credit is worth the sending of a 160-character SMS to metropolitan France.
Depending on the country of destination and agreements with international operators, the cost of sending a 160-character SMS may be more or less than 1 credit.
For example
  • sending a SMS to the United Kingdom is worth 0.7 credit.
  • sending a SMS to Spain is worth 1.15 credit.
To know all the rates, consult the grid by clicking here.
Your prepaid credits are valid with no time limit.


The "Manage my messages" menu allows you to rename and organize your messages. The categories correspond to folders in which you can store them. You can also change it by going to the e-mail or SMS designer.
A message must be first converted into a template. This template will be used to create a new message.
To convert a message into a template, you simply load your message in the email designer and click on the "Convert to Template" button.


Enabled by default, tracking links provides statistics on the sent campaign. If this option is disabled, no statistic is available for this campaign.
This is the address used when the recipient tries to reply to your e-mailing.
Make sure that the email address specified in this field is valid, or use a noreply sender address and specify to your recipients that the answers to this e-mail will not be processed.
This option is available in the "Mailing List" tab of the campaign.
An endless campaign allows you to add contacts (manually or by file upload) andsend your mailing with the stream.
It is possible to associate non-solicitation options to an endless campaign.
The “multiple non-solicitation” features enables to not send the same mailing to a contact who has already been sollicited or to manage a period of time between two sollications.
There are two possible cases :
  • Your previous campaign is ended :To send the same e-mailing to a new mailing list, you simply create a new campaign,associate your previous message and add the new segment in the campaign.
  • Your campaign is an endless campaign :In this case, it is possible to add new segments with the stream directly in yourcampaign from the "Mailing List" tab.
The new contacts will automatically receive your mailing according to the multiplenon-solicitation rules that you defined in the properties of the endless campaign.

Email Designer

Your session may have expired after several minutes of inactivity.
In this case, open the application in a new browser tab to reconnect without closing the first tab. Then come back to the first browser tab to save the message.
If you are logged in, the recording may be blocked because of the items layout that compose your message. In the email Designer, the message should always be divided into a table. Therefore you should be able to draw an imaginary line without touching any item. To view hidden elements in the message : CTRL + D.
Upload your images in the "Image Gallery". Just click on the "Upload" button, select the image from your hard drive and click on the "Upload" button again. Your picture appears in the gallery.
Insert an image element on the page and open the edit window. In the “Image” tab, click on the "Insert image from the gallery" button and select your image. You can then resize the item as needed.
To add a background color, use a “Graphic” element. A “Graphic” element can contain all other types of items (Text, Image, Article) and can be used as a framework or a background.
Click on the image "Edit" icon or double click on the image.
In the “Image” tab, complete the hyperlink in the "Add a link to the image" zone and confirm by clicking on the "Modify" button.
The unsubscribe link and the web version link are both predefined links which run automatically.
To insert it, you must first insert a text item in your message and open the item’s edit window. On the Text tab, select the predefined link (drop-down list at the bottom of the window) and click on the "+" button.
You can then customize the text of your predefined link.
Then click on the "Save" button and close the window.
Note :The unsubscribe link is mandatory in an e-mailing. If you do not insert it in your message, Self-News will automatically insert a default unsubscribe link.
To create links directly inside your newsletter to automatically move from one place to another on the page : for example, from the summary to a topic.
To align items easily, you can use the grid which is available in the preferences button.
You can also select the vertical/horizontal move functions for more simplicity.
If you want a pixel perfect alignment, you could specify the top and left gaps in the "Options" tab of each item.
The temporary backup keeps in memory your message before trying some changes.
To erase all changes, just click on the "Reload the message" button. Otherwise, to keep it, click on the "Save" button before exiting the email designer.

Contacts Management

In “Manage my contacts”, click on the "+ Add Contact” button and fill in the properties of the contact. You can sort it in a segment before validating.
You can also import a contact list from a CSV file. Just follow the import steps. For more information, see our tutorial How to import a mailing list (pdf).
If your import does not work, make sure your file is saved in CSV format on your hard drive. A comma-separated values (CSV) file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain-text form.
Also make sure that your contacts do not already appear in the deleted contacts, unsubscribed or bounce group.
If these tips are not enough, feel free to contact our Customer Service via the contact form "Need Help" (https://backoffice.self-news.com/service/ticket), by email support@self-news.com or by calling +33 (0) 1 75 66 80 90.
A segment is a set of contacts who have the same attributes.
For example :
  • Contacts with a life insurance policy.
  • Contacts registered in the monthly newsletter.
  • Contacts with a loyalty card.
Segments allow you to group your contacts into categories and target efficiently your e-mails and SMS.
Feel free to use Self-News’ custom fields to import all data of your contacts and improve your segmentation. We also invite you to read the article "Why and how to customize your mailings" on our blog.
In “Manage my contacts” part, click on "Add Segment", name the new segment and insert existing contacts within it by using drag / drop. You can include your new contacts directly in this segment when you import them.
You can use the "Search" feature (magnifying glass) to find your contacts in all your base or only in one (or more) segment(s).
It is possible to find contacts by different criteria associated with their profile (name, surname, e-mail, custom fields ...).
When the search is complete, you must disable it to obtain full contact display. Please note that contacts can be classified into different categories automatically managed by Self-News (actives, bounces, unsubscribed, deleted).
Managing your contacts and your segments is accessible from the menu "Manage my contacts."
  • To add one (or more) contact(s) in a segment : Select one (or more) contact(s) and drag / drop the contact(s) into the segment.
  • To delete one (or more) contac (s) of a segment : Select the segment, click on the "Trash bin" icon and click on the "Delete" button.

Sending / Deliverability

To test the e-mail or SMS and check its visual rendering in an inbox or mobile phone, use the Audit feature. You can send the message in real conditions, with a subject and sender's name, to a few testers. At receiving the message, they can make comments and validate or not the message.
No action is needed.
Self-News has been designed to automatically optimize emails’ weight, and thus ensure the best deliverability. Your images are, for example, automatically optimized by the application when inserted in the newsletter.
Our EmailOnAcid deliverability tests allow you to view the message in most popular email clients and so ensure good deliverability.
To use it, click on the "Start" button and then reload the page regularly to see the test results.
EmailOnAcid test is subject to the acquisition of specific additional credits.
It is possible to observe differences in your emailing’s rendering on Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010/2013.
Microsoft Outlook uses the rendering engine from Microsoft Word to display emails in HTML.
Unfortunately, many CSS and HTML properties are disabled by Outlook preventing for example the display of background images or rounded edges.
Some unwanted line breaks can also occur.
When designing your email, Self-News alerts you about the various compatibility risks with Outlook to make you aware of this feature.
Yes, absolutely.
To improve the deliverability of the e-mails that you send with a customized address, we highly recommend that you add the following SPF records in your DNS : include: self-news.net
SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is an authentication standard of the email sender’s domain name. This standard is one of the tools used by email providers to identify spam. SPF enables the receiving server of mails to ensure that the email was sent by a server which has this right.
If you use the Self-News’ default sending address, your message will automatically benefit from SPF authentication service.
If you use a customized e-mail address with your own domain name, you will appear as the sender :
  • from SELF-NEWS
  • or
  • via self-news.net
To stop displaying the shipping domain (self-news) and improve deliverability of your message, you must create a SPF record in your DNS to allow the Self-News servers to send emails with your own address.


You can export in PDF format all your campaign’s statistics.
In the “Export” tab, you can select the most relevant elements and generate your report.
You can also export all the campaign’s statistics in Excel format from the “Contacts” tab of your campaign’s statistics.
In the campaign’s statistics, click on the "Links" Tab.
You will find a report of the most clicked links (unique and multiple clicks for each link).
In the campaign’s statistics, click on the "Contacts" section. You will have, for each recipient, all the detailed statistics (number of clicks per link, unsubscription, bounces etc. ..).
A SMS has a maximum length of 160 standard characters. When the maximum length is reached, a second SMS is started and so on. SMS are then "concatenated" to be displayed in the correct order in a single message by the receiving mobilephone.
With Self-News, you can send a SMS with up to 1600 characters. Your SMS credit will be decremented by the number of used SMS (eg SMS 1600 characters = 10 credits).
Depending of characters when writing a text message, the SMS length can be changed.
  • Standard characters :The length of an SMS written with standard characters is 160 characters : The 26 alphabet letters in upper and lower case and all of the following characters are standard characters. All these characters count as 1 :
    @ £ $ € ¥ è é ù ì ò Ç Ø ø Å å Δ _ Φ Γ Λ Ω Π Ψ Σ Θ Ξ ^ { } [ ~ ] | Æ æ ß É ! " # ¤ % & ' ( ) * + , . / 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ; < = > ? ¡ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Ä Ö Ñ Ü § ¿ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z ä ö ñ ü à
  • Special characters :An extension of SMS language can encode certain characters but they count as 2 characters: these are special characters. These are all characters that are not included in the list above . For example Š.
    When you use a special character in a SMS, the mobilephone automatically changes the entire SMS encoding to send it correctly. This encoding is more bytes-greedy and the maximum number of SMS characters drops to 70.
    Some mobilephones "smartly" transform some characters, for example, the "ç" can be transformed into " Ç" to avoid using a greedier coding.
  • Classic SMS : Your SMS is displayed in standard mode and saved in the phone's memory.
  • SMS Flash : The message is immediately displayed on the phone's screen upon receipt. The message is saved neither in the phone's memory nor on the SIM card. It is erased as soon as the user confirms that he read it.
2-way SMS allows you to receive and process replies to your SMS. These replies are available in your campaign’s Statistics tab.
Satisfaction surveys, appointment confirmation, quizzes, SMS voting, this free option allows you to set up interactions with your recipients.