Customized support

We offer a complete range of services to help you go further.

Customized product

Our designers and our editors are ready to help you!

Are you looking to create a unique newsletter or emailing?
Optimize the success of your campaigns: take advantage of our creation studio and/or our editing serivce.
Packages start at €249.00 excluding taxes.


Improve your skills!

Become a Self-News pro with our courses that are great for all levels.
Are you looking:
  • To move even faster and further with Self-News?
  • To master the use of the most advanced features?
  • To learn about all the possibilities that are available to you?
  • To learn about or deepen your knowledge of emailing standards?
  • To train your partners on the tool?

Training courses

Traning cost: €150 ex. taxes / person Contact us
Web Training - 1-Hour Introductory Course
The Introductory Course is perfect for first-time users.
Our trainer will show you the main features of the solution so you can quickly get the hang of them. You will then be able to independently launch your first campaigns and analyze the results.
Training is done via web conference.
Traning cost: €190 ex. taxes / person Contact us
Web Training - 1-Hour 30 Minutes Advanced Course
Are you looking to master the tool so you can use it to the fullest? If so, our Advanced Course will give you a chance to learn the ins and outs of the application and best practices of emailing and SMS. Our trainers can also help you with a concrete project so it's easier for you to implement it.
Training is done via web conference. Prerequisite: completion of Introductory Course.
Traning cost: €499 ex. taxes / person Contact us
1-Day Intercompany Training
During this daylong training, an expert trainer will use hands-on exercises to show you all of Self-News's features. He will share his experience, answer your questions and give you guidance on adhering to emailing and SMS best practices. You will receive course materials.
The training is held in the Paris area. Organization approved to hold a training by a joint commission for collective training.